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VERY good video. I want to make a point about fingering during oral sex. The blonde does a great job with it, the way she started very gently and lovingly. Then gradually increasing intensity, fingering her more and more, but not making that the main focus, which is something you should never do. In pornos, they always stop oral to finger the girl, because it looks good to guys. But any girl will tell you, in reality, that's not what we want. Think of it this way: you go to a restaurant and order a delicious steak. After a while, the waitress brings you these awesome fries too, so now you've got steak and fries! Then the waitress comes back a few minutes later and takes away your steak half finished. The fries are good, but damn you were loving that steak, of which the fries complimented so well. This is what happens to so many girls during oral. Guys eat you out for two minutes and finger you with little to no mouth/pussy contact for 10 minutes, and then call it done. So take this to heart guys! And for fuck's sake, if a girl tells you she's close to cumming, don't pull back and finger her like crazy. Focus on licking her clit, not super hard, but fast and consistently, WHILE fingering her. Before orgasm, I usually like to have two fingers inserted, not thrusting in and out, but deep inside gently beckoning upwards. Just don't forget the most important thing: when a girl is about to cum, give her clit your tongue's full attention and you will give her an extremely intense orgasm.
#1 - darlene - 02/10/2012 - 01:04

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